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Brandenburg: Haus Knehden

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

into the nature reserve

We wanted to get into the new year the easy way, so we started 2019 here for some days.

The Plan was to have a good time at the fireplace, read a book and chill. It worked out :)

The house is located in Brandenburg, about 80 kilometers from Berlin. After passing a small road through a forest you'll find the small village with maybe 10 houses.

This district is a nature reserve, near the house there is a huge terrain where a loooot of deers live.

The landscape around is hilly and with a wide view.

The House, dressed in wood, is standing alone without any direct neighbors.

But the best part for me.. the stars!

It is always crazy how bright the universe shines on us in the the countryside's total darkness.

I mean... This is no Photoshop!

Link: Haus Knehden


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