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Ticino: Haus Capolino

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

April 2019.

1.000 kilometers by car from Berlin to Tessin.
Borkeberlin Roadtrip to Tessin

Borkeberlin Locarno Tessin Switzerland
The 300-year-old Rustico is located in the historic center of Brione sopra Minusio,

a Ticino town above Lake Maggiore, near Locarno. Brione is located on the hillside and offers a fantastic view of the lake, the mountains and the villages from the balcony. The small three floors high house has been renovated with great attention to detail. It is located in an idyllic courtyard.

Click through the slideshow to get a better impression of Capolino:

The ground floor is the entrance of the house, with wonderful green tiles. On this floor there is the kitchen and the bathroom, both built in a white box. The next floor up is the living room, with a long desk and a balcony. Under the roof, on the third floor there is the bedroom. The room is really dark with all the timbers and it has an extra balcony with a fantastic view on the city. All floors are connected with ladders and each floor has its own look.

What I liked the most, where the natural structures in the house.

Locarno at night.
Locarno at night.

Link: Haus Capolino

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