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Denmark: Gæstehus Stevns Klint

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A lovely tiny house near the sea? No Problem! After our stay in Copenhagen we went to Rodvig, a small place on the Danish island "Seeland" - about an hour by car in the south of Copenhagen. The charming, small guesthouse is a one room apartment with a sleeping area under the roof.

The House is surrounded by a big garden with a lot of hazelnut bushes and apple trees. The perfect place for a first coffee of the day, with a rising sun over the sea - what a lovely morning moment. Nothing more needed.

After a 5 minute walk over the fields you stand above the coast of Stevns Klint. These amazing cliffs have a length of 15 kilometers and are 40 meters above sea level,

Stevns Klint is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Breathtaking!

We found a ladder leading down to the beach which was built more provisionally than professional. After challenging my inner fears, it was definitely worth it. What more can you ask for than having a whole beach on your own?

And if you're in Stevns Klint, make sure you drive the 1,5 hours to Mons Klint aswell and climb the 500 stairs down to the sea. Look at the beauty:

Link: Guesthouse Stevns Klint

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