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Brandenburg: Das Schwarze Haus

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Januar 2017.

Das schwarze Haus is where it all started.

In January 2017 I had the opportunity to rest some days in that wonderful house on the countryside near Berlin. I stayed there for a few days, did some photowork and enjoyed the time off from the everyday life.

Whats so special about that house?

There is a 6m high living room with an open fireplace and the kitchen. In two alcoves, which can be separated with sliding doors from the glass corridors, there are sleeping places for 4 persons. The bathroom has an open 2m bathtub with a view of the landscape. It is an amazing feeling!

The idea of the house is one open living area with the bathroom as the centre and sliding doors as separations. So you can walk one round inside the house. This created an unforgettable experience to me. On the second ground there is space for 6 more persons.

Link: das schwarze Haus


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