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Brandenburg: Trip to the countryside

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A month ago i spend my birthday in the countryside of Brandenburg. It got tradition for me to disappear from everything and have a rest in the middle of nowhere for some days.

The last years i made it a cozy evening with my friends, cooking, some fireplace chillout. This year i knew it had be different, i decided to have a full weekend with myself. I needed some time for my inner self, to sort some things that where going on in my life.

"Isn't it strange to be all alone on your birthday?"

NO its not! This birthday will be one of those i'll never forget, so important!

I had time full of music, a good reading, some writing down, I made a run and afterwards I cooked my birthday meal.

I can only recommend everyone to take the time with yourselves, if it's needed.

Don't be afraid having time with yourself. Be brave. It's a healer!

I'm so thankful knowing who i am and being myself with all my character.

2020, here I am!

Link: Kornspeicher Zehdenick

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