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Updated: Jan 13

Borkeberlin. Who's that guy behind the camera?

It all startet back in the days, 1999. My 14 year old me started with graffiti art, since then for about 10 years I painted my art on walls and books. As a graffiti artist is always making an effort with saving his work, I shot my first photos of my own art and of other graffiti artists, too. Those are the first photos that I can remember.

It must have been around 2004 when I bought my first system camera to get a better result of the photos I shot.

With the improved technic in my hands I startet to take photos of my friends. My passion was inflamed, and my camera my faithful companion from now on.

A few years later I bought my first Dslr camera, the next level was reached and I began to shoot more determined and serious. During this time I took the camera everywhere.

In 2012 I moved to Berlin and around the same time I signed up at Instagram (September 2012), where I captured my impressions of the city.

Because my nickname was always Borke (coming from my last name) and I planned to create berlin content it only was logical what my account had to be called: Borkeberlin! Sounds great.

At that time I learned a lot and started to get an eye for motive. Sometimes there were the simple cliché shots like a Berlin subway, and sometimes there were fantastic scenes which happened by accident right in front of me and my camera. Most of the shots i did during that time where taken with my smartphone. It wasn't about having the best technique, it was about capturing moments by time! Learnung..

My Instagram feed today doesn’t look like it did a couple of years ago. When I started Instagram, I was just a guy who took photos of streets, architecture or people passing by. After two years of permanently posting Berlin photos on Instagram I got featured by the app itself as a "suggested user" in November 2014. WOW what a feeling, I was so happy and proud, i felt confirmed in my photowork.

Two weeks later I got about 20k more followers!

After 2 years, that "Berlin instagram game" began to bore me, and i decided not to shoot another thousand photos of the tv tower. Most of the photos startet to look the same on instagram around that period.

In July 2014, I opened up a new account on instagram where I wanted to go out and shoot with people - to get back to creativity. I tried to combine the city with the those people i photographed. After my 2 years of shooting street photography content I had enough locations scouted to combine my old account with my new idea of doing portraits.

After one year with the new account, I realized that this was the content I wanted to create. The stuff on my main account became less and less, so I decided to delete all the photos there and to restart with my new style.

In July 2015, I deleted all images on my main feed, deleted the second account and made the portraits to my main concept. Always in connection with the city of Berlin and the moods captured. And that's where we are now.

I never studied photography.

I'm Borkeberlin, and I take photos.



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